How to deal with my partner's withdrawal from kratom?



My partner has previously struggled with benzodiazepine addiction and was hopsitalised two years ago due to his withdrawrals. since coming out of hospital he started taking Kratom which is similar to an opioid. His use has increased dramatically and he is now trying to quit cold turkey.

Due to the type of drug kratom is and the fact it isn’t very well known here (UK) I am struggling to get assistance from our GP / local drug misuse services. I am very anxious and I am having panic attacks due to the pattern / similarities between this occasion and his last withdrawrals which resulted in hospitalisation.

I could really do with some advice on how to cope with his withdrawrals and if anyone has experienced anything similar.
Big hugs to all x


My kids’ dad has been taking that stuff for a while. Interesting because he has some addiction issues. He claims it’s natural. But I’ve read that there’s not a lot of info on it and that it temporarily acts on the Opioid receptors. I don’t think it’s regulated here in the U.S. and not approved by the FDA. They market it as a supplement. Makes me wonder. He’s been ordering it right through the mail as a powder supplement. Have you noticed mood changes? I will say that I’ve noticed it. But then Again it could be the energy drinks, cocaine, alcohol, edibles. I never know what he’s on half the time. Usually during the work week it’s energy drinks or kratom. But still something I wonder about. Not sure on the withdrawals. I haven’t noticed him having withdrawals that I’m aware of. Sorry he’s experiencing that.


Hi! Yes it’s not regulated here and my partner also orders it through the post as a “supplement”. I would say the mood changes when he was taking it were minimal, it seemed to just slightly reduce his anxiety, improve his mood / act as a pain reliever. I was concerned from the offset with the minimal research on it. But the impact the withdrawrals are having on him is something we were both not expecting, I have contacted our local substance misuse team but he is struggling with angry and confused episodes, restless limbs are extremely intense, sweating, nausea, erattic heart beat etc and he has complained of brain zaps.

It’s just really concerning something so easily purchased an labeled as “tea” has resulted in this, it’s taking me back to when we went through the benzo withdrawal and is quite overwhelming.

I hope you are doing well, I’m not sure of your relationship with him but sometimes its good to just ask if you’re concerned. I wish I would have asked sooner as my partner expressed the dependence concerns started very soon after frequent dosage.

Sending you love and light :heart: