How can I reach out and help others struggling with addiction based on my experience?



I have several years of recovery from alcohol and love addiction (relationship addiction). Would like to reach out and help those in need.


Hi @Joanne_Seeberger_Pan !
I am thrilled to hear you want to put your personal experiences and knowledge to good use for others. There are so many ways you can help others in need. For starters, simply looking over other individual’s questions on The Village and applying your own personal insight as an answer is invaluable to people. That way, you are not only helping the person who asked the question, but are also putting up a reference point for others who come across the question looking for answers. Second is that I would do some research for alcohol and love addiction treatment centers and/or organizations in your area. For instance, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is fairly widespread— you may be able to pay a visit there and even share your experience. Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Definitely help us all out here with your wisdom - please!
Also, we have some recovery coaches / professionals in our mix here. Maybe they can weigh in on how they went down that path? Maybe @Kris_Perry_Long or @DrCyn or @jmechevaria might be able to share on the subject.


With at least two years in recovery and with your lived experience you may seek to volunteer or work as a peer mentor. Each state has different requirements but it is possible to find a whole new direction for a career as a Recovery Peer Specialist. There’s a new emphasis on this approach to build a bridge toward recovery with peers working with others to help from their own experiences.


Share your story! There is power in sharing your experience with others - even just one small part of your story may be able to bring someone else the hope and courage they need to keep going. I started an Instagram account to share my experience with being married to a recovering heroin addict. After searching online for answers, for someone else’s story to relate to and finding nothing, I decided to share my own story and hope that maybe I’m the person that someone like me is looking for. Being a part of a community of people who share your story can be helpful for them and for your own recovery. This community is amazing and glad you’ve joined. :pray::sparkles: