How can I help my adult son with his Aud



How can I help my auldt son who in my opinion has AUD problem. He was in a half house for 6 months until the start of the epdemic, we made the decision to bring him home as Firstly we could not afford the fees anymore and secondly to try and bring him into our small business. His drinking has been real problem, he does not think so though but it is really effecting our business and my relationship with my husband who is his stepfather ( his biological father has not been in his life at all) he is always drunk on the weekend showing up to work drunk and abusing the staff. Just this weekend we got a letter froma client he showed up at a function we organized for our client drunk and caused trouble , this behaviour is regular now everytime we have a function I do not know what to do ', do I show him the letter
I know he will deny everything and blame us, by saying that we don’t appreciate him, we don’t pay him a proper salary,but how can i pay him more than the staff that do not have such behavioral issues. I am looking to find out what and how I can help him as well as the family. We don’t have the option of rehab at the moment because of financial difficulties. Does anyone have advise