How can I help and supportive to my boyfriend after relapse


My boyfriend just relapse after few days and he starting to get clear mind. He was sober for 6 months. How can I help him to bounce back in recovery.


My husband just relapsed too. I used the time when he was finally sober and clear to discuss not letting his guard down. We reached out together to IOP and AA groups for help. He has formed some bonds with guys in AA locally and the friendships are helping. His inpatient rehab suggested a daily schedule and routine so I support him by waking up at 5:30 and going to bed at the same time. We basically do the schedule together and I accept that sobriety is first in his life right now.


Hi @Mromero09, I’m glad you’re here and I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s good that your partner is in sober living and that he has a support network that can help him through this. My husband is in recovery and I know that feeling of helplessness. I often felt out of control, stuck in the unknown, scared to death of the possible outcomes. What helped me was taking control of what I knew I had power over - my own well-being. How are you taking care of yourself?

When my husband was in rehab and early recovery, I started going to therapy, Al-Anon meetings, support groups. I read books on addiction and educated myself as best I could on how addiction affects the brain. Helping myself was one of the best ways I was able to help my husband. Years into recovery, and I am still working on myself to help support his recovery.

Sending you love!


He’s in sober living actually and I’m not sure how to help and support him. I know the people in sober living will guide him but I feel guilt that he relapse and I feel helpless right now.



As of now, I’m just doing research to able to have idea how i can help my Fiancé. I also encourage him and giving him good thoughts. Right now, I am taking care of myself I do the things that make me happy. But in the other hand I am scared and sad. I am scared what will gonna happen, I still have that memory when I saw him high and when he used. I thought that day he will die. But even with that rough path, I am proud of him because he admit to his mistakes and try to he’s trying to get better. One thing I know I will never leave him. I will always here to support and love him. I know its though especially this disease but I have faith that everything will be better again.