Has anyone heard of Kratom? Thoughts on the substance? Useful? Harmful?


Hello. I was curious if anyone on here has heard of, or knows anything about the natural plant called, Kratom? My boyfriend uses is as a way to deal with chronic physical pain and swears it is helping him through his recovery after a recent relapse to Fentanyl. I watched him have minimal withdrawals in detox due to this drug. But I am concerned it is just a trade off from one thing to another. I am not familiar with Kratom and can not find many of the answers I am looking for online. I’d love to hear from anyone who is familiar with the plant.


Yes, my bf uses it too to help with withdraw symptoms. It gives him a stomach ache and says he feels a pain sometimes I’m his side but swears by it. I only wish it was enough to get him off opiates but it’s only when he’s going though withdraws. Unfortunately, so far it’s only helped him stay clean for up to 4 weeks. He keeps relapsing.