Going down with him


My S/O has been struggling with alcohol and cocaine addiction for a few years not but the last few months it’s gotten worse. I’ve started drinking and doing cocaine with him and I feel horrible, he spends 50% of his money on his habits, we are both unable to move forward in life because of this. He has a great job and is always calling off, we live in a small apartment with our kids and can’t even save to move out to a bigger place. He does it every day and I started to do it on the weekends with him. I feel like a failure as a partner and mother. He’s tried to go to rehab but went for 3weeks and then found out his insurance wasn’t going to cover his stay so they kicked him out. He’s says he wants to try again now that his ins is reinstated but for one reason or the other he doesn’t. He’s now trying to file for fmla. I think sometimes that I need to leave him because I’m letting him drag me down with him and we’re both going to mess our lives up. He has anxiety and depression and says I don’t help when I get mad and talk shit to him.


Dear Anonymous60 You are not alone.
You don’t have to go down with the ship, and the ship doesn’t have to go down, either.
You know which way is up, Go there. You Have Dependencies. And Get serious about Getting Help for YOU making decisions for YOUR wellbeing.

The COURSE is helping me and loved one every day.
It wasn’t going the right way, and they showed me a kinder path.


Dear @anonymous60,
Dr. Nzinga Harrison says Eleanor Health may be helpful- though I don’t know if you’re in their service area. She has a podcast called “In Recovery” from Lemonada Media- Eleanor Health and others can help you find “solutions” and that’s a good place to start. Are you doing alright? People are wishing right now for your well-being. You are not alone. It happens to a lot of people.