Girlfriend not talking to me in rehab



Hey everyone I’m just having a tough time. My girlfriend has been in rehab for about 3 weeks now. They allow her phone time 20 mins every day, but I haven’t heard anything from her hardly since she’s been in there. On like the 3rd day she was in there she called and said she wanted to break up to focus on recovery but then the next day called and said she loved me but wanted to focus on recovering, our relationship when she gets out she said is uncertain. I haven’t heard anything really since then. I know getting sober is priority 1 obviously but I’m really struggling with feeling left out because I feel like I was there with her through the bad times, helping her find help etc. Out of nowhere i feel like I’m just getting pushed away for good. I just want to be supportive of her and give her space, but I don’t want to lose her. I’m just struggling with the unknowns. Has anyone gone through this and know how to cope?


Dear MVP, I am sorry to hear that you are struggling, although it is no surprise if your feelings are hurt because things are “different” now. You appear to care a lot about this person and hopefully, once she has had a chance to do her own thing for a bit she will come back to you and be grateful for all you’ve done for her, oh yeah- and happily ever after. Or not. She may be embarrassed by her own behavior, or not. You can use this time to sign up to take the COURSE. In the course you get to work on Yourself and practice your loving communication and improve your dynamic. If your relationship continues you’ll be just that much more ahead of things when she gets out of rehab. That’s when the hardest work starts for a lot of people. I strongly recommend the COURSE. I have gone through it myself and the things I learned are turning around a very flat and somewhat acrimonious relationship. Hold yourself in high regard. You are worthy and deserving of care and love from others.:heart:


So nice, thank you for sharing @Thinkstet <3