EMDR Therapy - what's your experience?



My actively using husband has decided to try EMDR Therapy to try to kick his addiction, start healing his past emotional wounds, and gain the self-esteem, confidence, and motivation he once had. I am extremely proud of him for taking this step. I am curious, has anyone else or their addicted loved one gone through this? Pros and cons? How can I support him through this?


I haven’t heard of this type of therapy before now. How has it been going for your loved one? What are your thoughts on this route if therapy?


@Awlee090, how did your husband find EMDR and why did he decide to try it? I have heard of it and know someone who has used it for help with past life trauma. It seems woo-woo but also supported by science. I’d be interested to know how it goes and when it is recommended.


He still hasn’t started it. He is dragging his feet and I am so disappointed.