Don’t take anything for granted - how to deal with the tough emotions around addiction:



Hi there. I wanted to share a little moment of what I like to think is “self-care” that I just experienced.

2 days ago my boyfriend decided to make the change and get help with his addiction. He is at his parents house detoxing. I was supposed to see him tonight but things didn’t go as planned and I had to stay home (alone). I spent my night in pity and feeling sad.

But I had this realization that I always take moments for granted. At first I was sad that I had taken for granted all the nights I got to sleep in bed next to him and cuddle. I was sad for all the moments I spent being angry at him when I was at least in his presence.

And then I realized, I shouldn’t take THIS moment for granted. He is alive, sober, and safe. Things I didn’t know would be true 2 days ago… And he loves me. And I love him. And I am grateful. And I will not take those things for granted.


Big hugs to you. Gratitude in the present moment is a like a super power. Hold on to that. So happy that your boyfriend made the decision to get better. :pray:t4::sparkles:


Wow - I have felt all of these feelings @LexiNico thank you so much for sharing I’m sure it resonates with this Village :slight_smile:


Gratitude is such good self-care and putting things into perspective is so helpful too. I’m glad to hear your boyfriend is taking care of himself and you are too :heart: