Dealing with mistreatment in early recovery



My husband is 2 weeks sober. I am proud of him for that. However, he has been treating me very badly since he got home from detox. He yells at me and says very mean things to me over the smallest things. I am starting to feel traumatized by his behavior. Should I try to overlook it and chalk it up to his brain chemicals adjusting or should I confront him about it or should I leave our house when he mistreats me?


Hello person,
There’s a different answer for everybody, but I think you might jot down a quick list of what “treating you very badly” means and start there. Your physical safety is always the most important thing- seek help if you are in harm. Once you have established that you are safe, you can think about what was really going on by thinking about your list like Sherlock Holmes solving a rubrick’s cube.