Are you open about the site with your loved one?


Do you guys tell your loved ones about this site? So I was hesitant about telling and showing because I didn’t want her to feel like she was a negative stressor on my life where I needed to seek support. I’m doing this for both of us of course. So I told her about The Village, showed her the site and everything. She was very supportive and thinks it’s an amazing thing we’re doing here :blush: it gave her a jolt of inspiration to fight harder in her battle to recovery. She even said she’d love to counsel other addicts! Are you guys open about this site to your loved ones? Do you feel weird about it like I did?


My husband is generally very supportive of any efforts I take to get support so yes! However, I know he can feel pretty bad about ‘what I go through’ and so that’s still a precaution - to be mindful of how I share how I feel affected.


My dad knows about the site and I think it’s my preference (for now, at least!) that he not come on and see it. Still it feels “safe” for me to share openly without auditing how he might react/respond.


My brother knows about this site, and thinks it’s FANTASTIC! But, I haven’t shown it to him yet, he’s adjusting to moving back to NYC after 17 years in another country so baby steps. Hope to get him on here to help out others at some point!


I’ve just joined the community; but my family is encouraging me to go into a long term recovery program.


I briefly told him I go on an online forum that helps me gain support. But he doesn’t know much more than that. I kind of wish he’d put more interest into it when I mention the site though. I feel like if he seemed to care about it too, it could help both of us even more.


How do you feel about that? Would you invite your family to join us here? its a safe space for all of us to work together on healing <3