An Mindset,--, after 15 Years of Practice - Shaolin Whuh Shun Kung-Fu (near by Nepal my Teacher for 2 years was)



To hold the Sword ,–, in your arm,–, as the Bird is not decease !!!
The Stone on the Ground,–, brings Waves !!!

So my Teacher have told me, to start in laying, standing or Mediationposition. To Air-Breath the Rainbow-Light- with suggested mind,–, that the Mind is take only the piece of Heaven in his/her Nose,–, from the Rainbow,–,

Then let it happen,–, Practice all Time the Rainbow-Air-Breathing,–, and accept the Holycreature !!!

They watch us,–, by every eyeclap an new Letter in the Book of Live by equal what we are thinking or have for an Emotion is wroten there,–, every Eyeclap,–,
Pratice have bring an inner Peace to me,–, open Mind ,–, was create how i like and can accept the knowledge about them LightKnowledge,–, i call the Lightforce:::: Light of Live,–, unendless Light of Live,–, and it work´s,–,
quest me more and i wrote an full Email to you,–,

nice Day and will Light be with you!!!