2019 is right around the corner. What are you hoping for in the new year?



New Years Eve is a time that we tend to think about resolutions and things we want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

I like to rephrase this as a time to think about goal setting! What small-attainable goals do you want to set either for yourself, or to help your loved one? Goals should be thought of as brief (uncomplicated), positive (what will be done), specific behaviors (measurable), reasonable, under your control, and based on skills you have. It’s helpful to keep barriers in mind, and make sure the timing is right!

Share below! :hugs:


My son is due to leave rehab sometime soon. After he leaves rehab he will go to a halfway house for a couple of months. How does he begin to start over when he has no job, roof over his head, no car and money. His wife just delivered divorce papers. He lived with us when he got out of jail a couple of years ago, but he can’t come back.


I know this has been a struggle for you recently @kristine. As 2019 approaches, what you hoping for the new year? If you had to pick one thing - for yourself or your son…


In 2019 I am hoping to reclaim my life, to be a better and a much stronger me.


Cliche as it may be - I’m hoping to reclaim my health! Recovering a back injury for the past year has been important but I’ve also lost a lot of strength, motivation, and discipline. My goal is to do a 30-day yoga challenge - at least 15 minutes of yoga each day - to rebuild a habit & mindset!


@katie I love how you break down the long-term goal of reclaiming your health into smaller daily goals of 15 minutes of yoga each day. Being realistic and specific about our goals is one of the most important components of goal-setting as a whole, and increases our chances of achieving our goals. You’ve set a great example:)

I’d even try to get even more specific, like planning out a consistent time each day that you’d be able to get your 15 minutes of yoga in, and maybe prepping for that by making sure you have a designated space in your house to do the yoga. When we “scaffold” our goals like this, we’re more likely to complete them!


2019 is going to be a big year for me— I’m going to be running my first psychological experiment for my research and graduating undergrad in May. This past fall has been a game-changer in terms of my productivity and new routine that I’d like to carry into the new year. I’m going to continue rowing on my recreational team once per week and work out three other times throughout the week (whether yoga or gym). I’m also going to try my best to wake up at a consistent time each morning, because I’ve noticed having more morning time helps me dramatically throughout the rest of the day. My last semester is definitely going to be stressful, so I’m going to jumpstart on my routine this winter (maybe practice waking up at the same time each day) to prep for a productive final semester.


Boundaries. Starting 2019 I’ll have 4 months of Al Anon. Hoping it will be easier to set boundaries this coming year.

Al Anon - attending meetings and working the 12 Steps.

More peace and less chaos in my life by using the tools Al Anon offers us.


Practice letting go. I don’t know how to measure it but I have learned to recognize the feeling. So cheers to 2019 and me reciting the Serenity Prayer daily. Wish me luck!


I’m going to start focusing more on my health and well-being, spending alot more time actively learning, reading as much as I can and makimg a goal to start a small business and have some passive income coming in


I will meditate for 15-20 minutes more days than not. This habit has helped my emotional stability a lot.