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Wednesday we kick off the topic training series from the beginning: This is the perfect time to join to get this helpful knowledge for the holiday season! (2)
Join us: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 13th at 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering // Relapse Worries & What to do with them (4)
Join us TONIGHT: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 6th at 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering // Making an Invitation to Treatment + The Motivational Approach (6)
Have any of you experienced cheating because of the drugs? (5)
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 30th 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering // Treatment Options - the CRAFT approach (3)
Join us TONIGHT: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23rd 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering // You Are Here: Self-Care (5)
How to maintain boundaries? (2)
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16th 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering // Science of Addiction: Dealing with Trust & Deceit (4)
Have Any of You Dealt With Feeling Left Out of A Partner's Recovery Process? (3)
How do you deal with lying in the moment? (18)
What do you think about Naloxone (Narcan)? (12)
Where do I begin (6)
How would you suggest engaging more friends and family in their recovery when it's currently a secret? (6)
Did I go too far by contacting her parents and friends when her addiction is this severe already and she won’t seek help? (5)
So nice we're doing it twice - join us tomorrow: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 18th 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering: Positive Communication skills - how to have conversations that work! (6)
How to know if they’re REALLY ready for recovery? (6)
How do I know if I’m helping too much? (4)
Should I clean my loved one’s home? (8)
How to deal with memory issues? (5)
How does the Village feel about using Harm reduction techniques when dealing with a person in addiction? (5)
What steps have you taken to encourage your loved one to practice good self care? (4)
Join us TONIGHT: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 4th 6pm EST // Village Digital Gathering: Relapse Worries and What to do with them (4)
Approaching loved one - do you directly tell a loved one with substance use they need help? (2)
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21st - Village Digital Gathering - Treatment Options - the CRAFT approach. RSVP now! (4)
What to do when I think he may have hit my 4yo son? (8)
His addiction is growing, and he seems to be turning on me. What do I do? (2)
JOIN US THIS WEDNESDAY - Village Digital Gathering: The Science of Addiction - and how to handle Trust and Deceit (5)
TONIGHT: Village Digital Gathering #15: Boundaries, Resistance + Knowing & Living within our Limits - Wednesday 31st July @ 6pm EST - details & RSVP via links below! (3)
He just drove away drunk- I know I should report him, but I am paralyzed by fear (10)