Long term recovery

What harmful substance use habit are you going to help your loved one change this week? (5)
Will he still want me when he's healed from his substance addictions? (2)
How have your loved one's emotional responses and the libido change through recovery? (3)
Can the brain "go backward" in the healing process? (2)
Has anyone had success with Psychedelics? (4)
Friends of my loved one aren't inclusive & sometimes even I'm distant. How to make her feel more included? (4)
How to deal with a loved one in recovery and is using marijuana? (5)
Former Long Term Addict Here - Open to questions (6)
How do you support your loved one from afar? Specifically when you live in different countries? (6)
Has your loved one quit smoking? (3)
Is it crossing the line to look through someone's phone when you're suspicious? (5)
In recovery what kind of work has worked well for your loved one? (13)
What ways can we help our loved ones relax without substances? (5)
Have you made a scene in public about or to stop your loved one's substance use? How do you handle it in public? (2)
How to gauge where your loved one is at in terms of relapse? (6)
Alternatives for pain management? (6)
Why is drinking a bottle of wine to wind down necessary? (6)
How can we rebuild some social connections to help fill the gaps? (2)
What are you saying to be kind today / this week? (4)
Who's on *your* support team? (2)
Routines: does your loved one have them, use them, how vital are they to their recovery and do you play any part in them? (5)
Why does my husband sleep *SO* much? (11)
Who in your support network gives you a reality check? (5)
Helping my fiance get and commit to staying clean - feedback welcome! (7)
During tough times, how do you stay hopeful? (3)
When / how do you get pushed beyond your limits and act out of character in the face of addiction? (2)
When the substance addiction is gone...have your loved ones been able or struggled to build strong friendships / support? (4)
What's the reality about someday being able to drink moderately? (7)
What are you doing today to better connect with and understand your loved one who is struggling? (7)
I feel LOW. This morning I found an empty bag, what now? Can I just go back to bed :) (4)