Long term recovery

Anyone else’s loved one have problems with their pancreas? (1)
What do you do when your adult son wants to come home? (3)
I think I have to leave, but I don't want to. What else can I do? (7)
Might sound strange, but any gratitude or silver linings about loving someone through addiction to share? (7)
If he wants comforting and coddling when he’s hungover do you give it? (4)
How do you act after a recent relapse? (5)
When and why do you feel judged about caring for someone with addiction? (5)
How do you know if your loved one is telling you the truth? (6)
How do I help him to learn new coping skills? (3)
What’s the difference between a relapse and a slip? (6)
What are some ways you are taking care of yourself to avoid relapse? (4)
When someone in recovery "slips," who should know? (8)
How to deal with someone that's been doing well and is hitting a roadblock? (4)
When you know what to do and say but come home, he's drunk, and all the 'right things' go out the window - you know what I mean? (7)
What if your loved one addict does not like meetings? Are there other options? (16)
Have you noticed certain triggers (events, specific times of year/holidays) that can worsen or exacerbate your loved one's addiction? (2)
Have others experienced worry/concern regarding their loved one in long term recovery? My son is on MAT, had been doing well, and I'm beginning to worry 3 years into the journey (4)
Is it normal for a recovering addict to not want to talk about their recovery? (12)
Do former addicts experience depression differently? (9)
Has anyone else's loved one quit their drug of choice and kept drinking alcohol safely? (3)
Can you relate and offer any advice on dealing with relapse 18 months in? (10)
When do you find yourself nagging more than you'd like with your loved one? (2)
Why does it feel like my spouse has 0 empathy/care in the world about me/our child and his self-care is also at a level 0 He’s been sober 7 yrs. I thought after the program they gradually progress and their attitudes change? (9)
What are tactics for staying strong despite haters? (9)
When your loved one gets clean, what's the next biggest hurdle? (4)
Update and celebrating the moments that make you remember! (5)
Does anyone else's substance use increase in reaction to your loved one's substance use? (5)
What exactly do you do to stay clean everyday? (6)
When drug use stops and the behaviors continue - any tips or experiences like this? (1)
How has your loved one learned to socialize sober? (8)