Long term recovery

Have others experienced worry/concern regarding their loved one in long term recovery? My son is on MAT, had been doing well, and I'm beginning to worry 3 years into the journey (4)
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Why does it feel like my spouse has 0 empathy/care in the world about me/our child and his self-care is also at a level 0 He’s been sober 7 yrs. I thought after the program they gradually progress and their attitudes change? (9)
What are tactics for staying strong despite haters? (9)
When your loved one gets clean, what's the next biggest hurdle? (4)
Update and celebrating the moments that make you remember! (5)
Does anyone else's substance use increase in reaction to your loved one's substance use? (5)
What exactly do you do to stay clean everyday? (6)
When drug use stops and the behaviors continue - any tips or experiences like this? (1)
How has your loved one learned to socialize sober? (8)
How do you learn to trust again after being lied to over and over about drinking and doing drugs? (4)
How to protect my husband from his brother, while supporting their relationship? (1)
How do I not loose my cool and still be supportive of my son 3 years clean? (9)
Everything is going great, then you find an empty bottle of vodka - how do you handle it? (4)
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When do I help and when do I leave him to feel natural consequences? (5)
What harmful substance use habit are you going to help your loved one change this week? (5)
Will he still want me when he's healed from his substance addictions? (2)
How have your loved one's emotional responses and the libido change through recovery? (3)
Can the brain "go backward" in the healing process? (2)
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Former Long Term Addict Here - Open to questions (6)
How do you support your loved one from afar? Specifically when you live in different countries? (6)
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