General Discussion

Does addiction kill the ability to love? (5)
What questions do you ask yourself to decide: should I stay or should I go? (5)
Would you invite your concerned friends and family also supporting your loved one through addiction to Village? (11)
Are you making any changes for the new year? (4)
What is everyone getting up to for NYE? (7)
How do you feel about the stigma around addiction? (5)
2019 is right around the corner. What are you hoping for in the new year? (11)
Where to report medical malpractice? (1)
Christmas Eve tomorrow. How do you feel? (6)
How to raise children when you weren’t raised right? (1)
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He stole from me - not once, but 3 times. What should I do to protect myself from it happening again? (7)
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What do *you* think about how the recommended ways to support an addict are changing? (8)
The holiday season and addiction - how are you preparing for it? ( 2 ) (21)
Tell us how we can do better - what do you like / dislike / want more / less of? (3)
It's overdose awareness day (8.31.18) this Friday: what experiences have you had with your loved one's addiction and overdose that might help the Village Community out? (6)
Are there people in your life you wish better understood addiction and what you're going through supporting someone struggling with it? (4)
Am I attracted to people who struggle with addiction? (4)
Share your Weekly Wins & Worries 11.14.18-11.21.18 (19)
Happy World Kindness Day! Who has shown you or your loved one kindness on this journey? (2)
It feels so selfish. How do you make sense of "addiction as a disease" for yourself? (10)
Inspiration and Motivation: How to find and maintain it? (7)
What to do when your friends/family don't accept your loved one because of the addiction? (9)
Share your Weekly Wins & Worries 11.7.18 (7)
What are weekends like for you and your loved one? (1)
What is one thing you wish you better understood about addiction? (6)
Husband started drinking again after 6 years sober. Looking for suggestions? (4)
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Do you feel your past contributed to your loved one's addiction? (4)